Seasonal Defense (90 caps)

Seasonal Defense (90 caps)
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Powerful Immune Support

Description: Seasonal changes can be quite stressful to the body. That’s why it is important to support your immune system. Seasonal Defense combines andrographis with other immune-supporting herbs, including Fructus aurantia (six percent synephrine extract), thyme, oregano and eleuthero root for complete immune support.

Andrographis has been used for centuries by many cultures. It is used widely in Ayurvedic medicine and is considered a “cold property” herb in traditional Chinese approaches; it is used to rid the body of “heat” and dispel toxins. Andrographis supports the immune system by promoting both specific and non-specific immune-response functions as well as maintaining the muscles in the respiratory system. Other studies show that synephrine may be able to help maintain the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and that thyme and eleuthero root both have beneficial properties.


Helps the body defend against seasonal changes.
Contains andrographis to help boost the immune system.
Helps support mucous membrane health.

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