Grapine® w/Protectors, SynerPro® (90 tabs)

Grapine® w/Protectors, SynerPro® (90 tabs)
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• Grape skin extract provides proanthocyanidins.
• Supports the immune system. Description: Grapine® with Protectors, SynerPro® [Immune, Vital Nutrition]. Grapine is derived from grape seed and maritime pine bark.

Studies have shown that the proanthocyanidins in Grapine are much more powerful as antioxidants than other popular choices.

Proanthocyanidins are similar to compounds in bilberry. They appear to provide antioxidant protection to the nervous system.

Each tablet provides 20 mg of proanthocyanidins, plus 50 mg of grape skin extract, 20 mg vitamin C and the SynerPro Concentrate base.

Grape skin contains proanthocyanins that have been linked to maintaining cardiovascular health. Adults: Take 1 tablet with a meal three times daily.

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