Golden Seal/Parthenium Extract (2 fl. oz.)

Golden Seal/Parthenium Extract (2 fl. oz.)
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Description: Golden Seal/Parthenium Extract [Immune] uses equal amounts of parthenium and golden seal in an extract designed primarily for the nutritional support of the immune system, especially during seasonal changes.

Golden seal contains hydrastine and berberine, two major alkaloids.

Parthenium contains sesquiterpine esters.

The herbs’ beneficial nutritional elements are concentrated and rapidly absorbed by the body.

Golden Seal/Parthenium extract can be taken in water or straight under the tongue.

Adults: Use 20–25 drops two times daily.
Children: Use 10–15 drops in water twice daily.

One ml is equal to 1 capsule of golden seal and 1 capsule of parthenium.

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