Herbal Trace Minerals (100 caps)

Herbal Trace Minerals (100 caps)
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• Supports the glandular system.
• Good herbal source of trace minerals.
• Provides support for digestive and eliminative functions.

Description: Herbal Trace Minerals [Glandular] is an herbal supplement that provides nutrients that may be beneficial for the glandular, digestive and eliminative functions.

The deep roots of the dandelion and alfalfa plants absorb trace nutrients that are often lacking in common, shallow-rooted vegetables preferred in Western diets.

Dandelion root and kelp contain important trace nutrients that are absorbed from the bountiful soils in which they are grown.

This formula contains:
–  Kelp leaves and stems.
–  Dandelion root.
–  Alfalfa aerial parts.

Adults: Take 1–2 capsules daily with a meal.

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