IN-X (100 caps)

IN-X (100 caps)
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IN-X [Immune, Intestinal] supports the immune system and the body’s eliminative channels.

It Contains:
Echinacea Aerial Parts
Black walnut hulls
Althea root
Golden seal root
Plantain herb
Bugleweed Aerial Parts
Parthenium root

Golden seal supports the immune system and helps maintain an environment more hospitable to microbiological balance. Black walnut hulls are prized for their fame in folk herbology due to their cleansing properties. Althea root (better known as marshmallow) contains mucilage, which supports mucous membrane health. Historically, parthenium has been used in a manner similar to echinacea for immune system support. Plantain helps maintain internal tissues. Bugleweed herb was used historically for respiratory support.

Adults: Take 2 capsules with a meal twice daily.

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