Lymphomax® (100 caps)

Lymphomax® (100 caps)
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Lymphomax® [Immune] is an all-herbal formula designed to meet the nutritional needs of the body’s lymphatic system.

  • Mullein helps promote natural respiratory function.
  • Lobelia contains lobeline, an active ingredient that helps stimulate the respiratory system, which supports breathing.
  • Plantain may help protect the liver against cellular damage due to its antioxidant effects and maintains the lymphatic system.
  • Cleavers (also known as clivers) has reported diuretic, astringent and tonic effects. This herb is used historically to cleanse the lymphatic and other glandular systems.
  • Red Root is traditionally used for supporting the lymph system. It contains components that help make the body environment more acceptable to microorganic balance.
  • Lymphomax also contains bayberry root bark, alfalfa herb, chamomile flowers, echinacea root, yarrow flowers and garlic bulb.

Lymphomax is a blend of reported blood-purifying, cleansing and supporting herbs for the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Adults: Take 2 capsules with breakfast and lunch.

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