Milk Thistle T/R (60 tabs)

Milk Thistle T/R (60 tabs)
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• Increases the liver’s ability to filter blood.
• Helps prevent damage from environmental toxins,
alcohol and bacterial compounds.

Milk Thistle Time-Release [Digestive, Hepatic] provides a consistent supply of silymarin (a constituent of milk thistle) to the liver, which may help protect the liver against ingested toxins. The liver performs 500-plus functions, including filtering and destroying toxins in the body. Providing it with proper nutrients allows this essential organ to function at top capacity.

Silymarin may help stabilize cellular membranes, preventing the intake of some toxins and subsequent tissue damage. It also stimulates protein synthesis in liver cells and has antioxidant properties.

One tablet of NSP Time-Release Milk Thistle contains 350 mg milk thistle herb extract, providing 80 percent (280 mg) silymarin.

Adults: Take 1 tablet with a morning meal and 1 tablet at dinner.

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