Nervous Fatigue TCM Conc. (30 caps)

Nervous Fatigue TCM Conc. (30 caps)
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•Promotes feelings of well-being.
•Nourishes the circulatory system.
•Soothes and supports the nervous system.
•Invigorates the body.

Nervous Fatigue TCM Concentrate, Chinese [Circulatory] contains the same herbs found in Nervous Fatigue formula but in a highly concentrated blend. Traditional Chinese Medicine would consider this a fire-enhancing formula.

Its Chinese name yang xin translates to “nurture the heart.” “Weakness” in the fire element usually manifests itself in the digestive, cardiovascular or reproductive systems.

Nervous Fatigue TCM helps relieve stress and helps support digestion and promote sleep. Its key herbs include jujuba, biota and schizandra.

The formula contains:
Schizandra fruit
Biota seed
Cistanche stem
Cuscuta seed
Dang gui root
Lycium fruit
Ophiopogon root tuber
Succinum amber
Acorus rhizome
Astragalus root
Dioscorea rhizome
Hoelen sclerotium
Lotus seed
Panax ginseng root
Polygala root
Polygonatum rhizome
Jujuba seed
Rehmannia root tuber

NOTE: Pregnant or lactating women should consult their health care provider prior to taking this supplement.

Adults: Take 2 capsules daily with a meal. Each capsule is equivalent to 4 capsules of regular Chinese Nervous Fatigue.

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