Spleen Activator, Chinese (100 caps)

Spleen Activator, Chinese (100 caps)
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Spleen Activator, Chinese [Digestive] is a Chinese combination of 17 herbs that, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, may nutritionally act as a digestive system tonic and provide energy to a tired body. The Chinese call this formula wen zhong, which can be translated to mean “warm the center.” According to TCM, this formula is designed to strengthen a “weak” earth element, nourish spleen function and support the pancreas. It may help provide relief from occasional nighttime leg cramps. Its primary herbs—ginseng, licorice and atractylodes—may help to provide energy and strengthen the digestive system. It contains:
Panax ginseng root
Astragalus root
Atractylodes rhizome
Hoelen sclerotium
Dioscorea rhizome
Lotus seed
Chaenomeles fruit
Citrus peel
Galangal rhizome
Ginger rhizome
Hyacinth bean
Licorice root
Magnolia bark
Tang-kuei root
Typhonium rhizome
Cardamon fruit
Zanthoxylum hull of seed
Take 3 capsules with a meal three times daily.

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